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Lytebox in iWeb Example - Lightbox

Lytebox in iWeb


Lytebox with Single Images: (using the rel="lytebox" tag)

Lytebox with Grouped Images: (using the rel="lytebox[group1]" tag)

Lytebox with Grouped Images as a slideshow: (using the rel="lyteshow[group1]" tag)

Lytebox with iFrames with a text link: (using the rel="lyteframe" tag)

Lytebox with iFrames with an image link: (using the rel="lyteframe" tag and sizing tag rev="width: 800px; height: 600px; scrolling: yes;)

Using the iFrame option you can really have anything in the Lytebox effect.  For example flash content, quicktime video, etc, etc.  Just put them on a page, publish it, and then link to it and use this trick to get it in the Lyteframe.  Have fun!